North Geelong Secondary College is a single campus school that has a traditional classroom structure supported by an innovative curriculum. The school places high expectations on academic endeavour and student behaviour.

The College has committed and highly skilled teachers who encourage students to build positive and individual identities, helping them to develop the confidence and self-esteem that leads to individual learning success. Our staff supports students to become self-assured young adults ready to pursue their interests, hopes and dreams. Our students are supported in their learning by well-maintained, refurbished and new facilities. The school’s manicured gardens and quiet eating places are complemented by a canteen, outdoor covered area and outdoor furniture. We also have a number of state-of-the-art synthetic turf surfaces for students to play a range of sports including soccer, volleyball, tennis and netball.

Our students are privileged to enjoy:

  • New flexible learning spaces in our Language Centre
  • Learning areas equipped with the latest ICT facilities, including access to laptops and 85 inch Interactive TVs 
  • Access to Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet), Australia’s leading online digital platform with data speeds up to 1Gbps
  • An extensive well-resourced library
  • Plentiful, well-maintained outdoor sporting grounds
  • A creative art and technology complex which houses food and technology kitchens, studio art, ceramics and woodwork studios
  • Gym and outstanding sporting facilities.

North Geelong Secondary College, holds the following values: Respect, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity

  • We demonstrate Respect, tolerance and fairness to each other
  • We strive for Excellence, in everything we do
  • We show integrity at all times by being open and honest
  • We take pride and celebrate our Achievements
  • We value critical thinking, creativity and risk taking in our learning
  • We appreciate and celebrate our Diversity
  • We show leadership by taking responsibility and being committed to our vision and to each other.

The year 7 – 10 curriculum is based on the new Victorian Curriculum. There is a core program in years 7 and 8 and an elective program in years 9 and 10.  The years 7 and 8 curriculum provides student with a solid foundation for future learning by building sequential knowledge and skill development in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Languages Other than English (German and Japanese). The school has a vibrant arts, technology and design program where students enjoy a range of creative learning experiences.  The Health and Physical Education program places a strong emphasis on active participation and promotes lifelong healthy life styles.

Year 9 students are required to undertake core studies in subject disciplines.  They also have opportunities to select electives from a broad range of arts, technology and language subjects.  Students are encouraged to progressively take more responsibility for their own learning.  There is a strong emphasis on building interdisciplinary skills in communication, inquiry based learning, problem solving and using Information and Communication Technology.  This curriculum effectively assists students in the development of a global perspective and active citizenship. In Year 10 students have the opportunity to select subjects which are future focused reflecting their further study options. Year 10 students also have the opportunity to choose a VCE or VET subject to enhance their experience with future University, TAFE or Apprenticeship pathways. In year 11 and 12 students have access to a broad range of VCE and Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects and may choose pathways from the VCE and VCE VM programs.

The school has just completed a major capital works project, including brand new and fully refurbished facilities and outdoor spaces. The grounds are spacious and attractive, providing students with pleasant areas for recreation and activities. Students are privileged to enjoy:

  • New state-of-the-art sporting facilities, including synthetic turf soccer pitch, basketball courts, hockey, volleyball and downball courts
  • New state-of-the-art, ‘master chef’ kitchen and a second fully refurbished kitchen including a brand new cafeteria style indoor/outdoor dining area.
  • A brand new VCE VM project area where students complete their projects
  • A flexible Building Educational Revolution Language Centre
  • All Learning spaces are equipped with the latest ICT facilities.
  • All Learning spaces are fully air-conditioned including the gym
  • NGSC is an Apple school featuring MacBooks, iPads and iMacs as well as Chromebooks and Clevertouch Interactive TVs.
  • Extensive well-resourced library
  • Plentiful, well-maintained outdoor sporting grounds
  • A refurbished creative art and technology complex which houses, Performing Arts, Music, Instrumental Music specialised spaces, Studio Art, Ceramics and Woodwork/Materials studios

The Department of Education & Early Childhood Development provided the college with a grant to install 3 wheelchair access ramps to allow wheelchair access to all classrooms. Ramps were constructed to provide access to the main Classroom wing (C), in the Arts wing (B) and in the Technology building (E). These ramps have been installed and accessibility to all buildings have improved.

The college promotes student activities in:

  • Year 10 Student Leadership Camp to Rubicon
  • Australian subject competitions in English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Languages
  • Student exchange trips to Germany and Japan and hosting exchange visits by student from these countries
  • Soroptimists Girls’ Leadership Program
  • Red Cross Student Leadership Program for students who are from multicultural backgrounds
  • Lion’s Youth of the Year Program
  • Geelong Mock Court
  • Chess Championships
  • Young Achievers Business Skill Program
  • Science and Maths Challenge programs at Deakin University
  • Australian Student Leadership Conference

We expect students to develop self-discipline, to respect the rights of others and to accept personal responsibility for actions taken. The college has clear expectations and specific rules to enable the effective implementation of our behaviour management, school uniform, punctuality, anti-harassment and student health and safety policies. Bullying and harassment are not tolerated. There is a strong commitment to resolving personal differences in a non aggressive manner. This is supported by a focus on relationship building and restorative justice approaches to student behaviour.

At North Geelong Secondary College we insist on the traditional values of respect, excellence, achievement and diversity. We recognise that students have rights, however we expect students to understand that with rights comes the responsibility to carry out effectively the duties of a member of this school community. We use a behaviour management model that is based on the principles of rights and responsibilities and students owning their own behaviour. All teachers have a commitment to the provision of a supportive college environment. North Geelong Secondary College implements a classroom and an out of classroom behaviour management program.

Classroom Management Policies

There are two over-riding principles which govern the way that classrooms are managed at North Geelong Secondary College. They are that every student has the right to learn and every teacher has the right to teach. There is a Postive Behaviour Matrix in every classroom and that is assisting the teaching of these expectations.Students are encourage to take responsibilty for their actions and to recognise the consequences of their actions to themselves and others in the class.

Out of the Classroom Behaviour Management

The schoolyard is supervised by teachers during recess and lunchtimes. The key principle is that both teachers and students have the right to be safe and free from harassment in the corridors and schoolyard.

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