The North Geelong Secondary College Student Digital Device Program is an exciting opportunity to improve student engagement and promote even greater academic achievement, by providing teachers and students new ways to learn and collaborate.

The students approved device can be connected to the College network and home network (using your family’s internet connection, where available). Whilst this presents a great learning opportunity, it must be used responsibly. We expect our core values of respect and integrity to be reflected in every aspect of our students’ lives, and this extends to their electronic communication with others.

Safe and responsible use of electronic media (including the internet and other devices such as mobile phones) is required of all members of the North Geelong Secondary College community. Appropriate use of the internet and electronic media is explicitly taught at North Geelong Secondary College and we ask parents to reinforce this at all times.

 College Expectations

  • Bring your Chromebook or approved device to school every day, with the battery fully charged and ready for use.
  • Store your Chromebook or approved device securely always, and in your College locker during recess and lunchtime breaks, etc.
  • Keep your Chromebook or approved device in its protective case or bag.
  • Being given 24-7 access to a Chromebook or approved device is a privilege, and you must care for your device at all times and use it responsibly.
  • All students are expected to abide by the College’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  • In class, the Chromebook or approved devices will be used at the discretion and under the direction of the classroom teacher at all times.
  • Students must take their Chromebook or approved device to every class, except when advised by a teacher not to do so.
  • At school and outside of normal class time (i.e., in the library etc) the Chromebook or approved device can be used to complete homework, revise assessment tasks, undertake research and participate in further online learning etc.
  • Whilst at school, your Chromebook or approved device must be used for educational purposes only, unless students are specifically directed to do so by their teacher.
  • Students should always undertake safe and responsible use when accessing social or electronic media.

The college has chosen the Chromebook as the device for our Junior School student program. It is therefore an expectation that all new students to our college from 2021 have a school-approved Chromebook.

The Chromebook is specifically designed for education and offers a device platform that is reliable, good value for money, has proven battery life and offers access to resources and tools used across the college curriculum. This makes the Chromebook ideal device for an educational environment.

We believe that by using a standard platform in our junior school program is essential in building confidence for both students and teachers to get the most out of their Chromebook. Knowing all students have the same device in each class greatly helps teachers plan activities that use technology effectively to enhance student learning.

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Students in Year 10 to 12 are required to purchase or bring a College approved device to school each day, so as to enhance their learning outcomes to collaborate and share resources with other students and their classroom teacher. The range of College approved devices include:

  • Apple iOS Tablet (iPad)
  • Apple Mac Laptop
  • Chromebook

Note: No other devices other than those listed above or on the BYOD Device Portal will be supported or connected to the College’s network.

The College has negotiated with vendors for both Apple and Chromebook devices to provide our students with a web portal to make their purchases. These vendors are able to provide competitive pricing and improved warranty terms only available to educational institutions.

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