Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program

The North Geelong Secondary College (NGSC) Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program, SEAL, is accredited by the Department of Education.  The program provides an opportunity for students to undertake learning experiences that are designed to meet the needs of students; capable of outstanding academic achievement, who want to be challenged and who demonstrate high levels of task commitment.

The teaching and learning program studied is based on the same curriculum as mainstream classes. However, the SEAL students will study these courses in greater depth and complexity.

The Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program at North Geelong Secondary College is founded on the following principles:

Challenge and Complexity
The subjects studied are sufficiently advanced, delivered at a pace to sustain interest and challenge the learners to engage in abstract thinking and conceptualisation at a high level.

Breadth and Depth
Learners are given the opportunity to undertake a range of subjects across the key learning areas and are encouraged to explore special areas of interest through different programs.

Program Outline

Years 7 and 8
In the first two years of the program students are grouped together in the same class. Over the two years the class will complete the following subjects; English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities
, LOTE (German and Japanese), Physical Education, AVID, Art, Information Technology, Health, Performing Arts, Food Technology, Wood Technology, and Visual Arts.

Year 9
In Year 9 students remain in their classes for most subjects; English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and Physical Education. Students can also elect subjects from the
Humanities, HAPE, LOTE, Arts and Technology key learning areas and will be grouped with mainstream students in these electives.

Year 10
Students at Year 10 will elect their course from a wide range of subjects from both the Year 10 and Year 11 options. There will be greater choice in subject areas that will cater for all students needs. SEAL students will undertake at least one VCE subject at Year 10. Students will receive support from the school with planning their courses for future pathways.

Year 11 and 12 (VCE)
Students will receive individual course
counselling to develop their VCE course/pathway and will usually complete six or seven Year 12 VCE subjects. Exemplary students will have the opportunity to complete a first year university subject in Year 12 (Deakin University).

Selection Process

Year 7
 Students are required to sit an entrance test examining their academic ability in the areas of Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. On the testing day, students will also complete a creative writing task.
Entrance exams to the program will be held at North Geelong Secondary College. Interviews may then be conducted to shortlist applicants for entry based upon the outcomes of the exam. A non-refundable fee of $20.00 is required with the application to cover costs associated with the exam licence and catering for the day.
2. Students shortlisted for the program may be asked to attend an interview.
3. Primary
School teachers may also be contacted to complete a confidential reference.

Year 8 to 10
A small number of positions may be available at other year levels. Entry
into the program is determined by an interview and the entrance exam.

Extracurricular Activities

Throughout their time at NGSC all students are encouraged to be involved in a wide variety of extracurricular programs such as camps, sporting teams, instrumental music, debating and public speaking, performing arts, SRC and other leadership programs, competitions and clubs. The extracurricular program at NGSC is designed to provide students with a diverse range of activities to enrich their school experience, develop a broad variety of life skills, confidence, self-esteem, independence and team skills and to promote enjoyment of school attendance.

We aim to develop young adults who set themselves challenging goals, are courageous and strive to do their best in all of their pursuits, are ready to enter the global community with strong minds and have a capacity to actively contribute to society.



Important Dates

Early SEAL Applications close (if eligible): Sunday 14 April, 2024
SEAL Applications close: Thursday 27 June, 2024
SEAL Entrance Examination: Saturday 27 July, 2024

To Apply

Fill in the preliminary application form and return it to a member of the North Geelong Secondary College Administration Team or fill in the online form from the link below. If successful, applicants will be notified of exam details.


For more information, please contact
Steven Quinn
Transitions Leaders

130 Separation Street
North Geelong, 3215
(03) 5240 5800