The Scholarship Program promotes and recognises outstanding commitment by primary school students who have displayed a strong involvement in their school community. The College looks for exemplary young people who are exceptional in different areas and possess personal qualities and values that will contribute to the life of North Geelong Secondary College.

North Geelong Secondary College Scholarship Program recognises the considerable achievements of children in our community and provides them with the opportunity to experience exciting curriculum opportunities through a broad range of engaging programs delivered by our dedicated teachers.

Scholarships are awarded for two years commencing in Year 7 and then reviewed in Years 9 and 11. Scholarship recipients will be Grade 6 students who will be attending North Geelong Secondary College in Year 7 the following year. The Scholarship is valued at $5000 and includes the following for both Year 7 & 8:

  • Full value of school fees
  • Chromebook
  • Books
  • School Blazer
  • All Camps
  • Excursions

Scholarships are available in the following areas:

Academic Excellence
The Academic Excellence Scholarship is available to students with an exemplary academic record who have demonstrated outstanding application and achievement in one or more of English, Mathematics or Science, together with a strong performance in general studies.

* Students who apply for the Academic Excellence Scholarship need to also apply for the Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program, SEAL.

Student Leadership
The Student Leadership Scholarship is available to students who have demonstrated leadership skills. The successful applicant(s) will have excellent communication skills, display initiative, and have a passion to motivate, delegate, guide and direct fellow students.

Community (Good Citizenship)
The Community (Good Citizenship) Scholarship is available to students who have made a significant demonstrable contribution to their community. The successful applicant(s) will display a strong social conscience as well as an outstanding work ethic and behaviour.

Sporting Excellence
The Sporting Excellence Scholarship is available to keen sports persons who have shown outstanding aptitude and personal achievement in one or many sporting field(s).

The Arts
The Arts Scholarship is available to students who have displayed excellence and shown commitment in one or more of the Arts (such as; Drama, Music, Dance, Visual Arts). Successful applicants should have a record of involvement in all aspects of primary school life in addition to artistic talent.

Important Dates

College Open Night: Wednesday 8th March, 2023 from 6pm

Scholarship Applications close: Thursday 22nd June, 2023

To Apply

Fill in the preliminary application form and return it to a member of the North Geelong Secondary College Administration Team or fill in the online form from the link below.


For more information, please contact
Steve Quinn – Transitions Leaders
130 Separation Street, North Geelong, 3215
Ph: (03) 5240 5800