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    Students may apply for more than one type of scholarship. Students can only apply for the Academic Excellence Scholarship if they have applied to join the SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning) Program.

    Upon receipt of the preliminary application, a full application pack will be forwarded requesting further information and detailing the applicants interview time and date.

    The Academic Excellence Scholarship will be awarded to a student who has successfully applied to and been accepted into the SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning) Program. Applicants to the SEAL Program will be required to sit an entrance exam which will be held at North Geelong Secondary College with a $20 fee payable at the office on the day.

    Important Dates

    Open Night
    Wednesday 13th March, 2024 – 6pm at North Geelong Secondary College

    Preliminary Applications due
    Thursday 27th June, 2024

    SEAL Entrance Examination
    Saturday 27th July, 2024

    For more information, please contact
    Steven Quinn – Transitions Leaders
    130 Separation Street, North Geelong, 3215
    Ph: (03) 5240 5800