Achieving Core Education – ACE Program

The Achieving Core Education (ACE) program is for students who performing below the expected level in literacy or numeracy. These students are provided with a fantastic opportunity to receive some individualised, intensive tuition focussed on improving either core literacy or numeracy skills.

The aim of the program is to enable students to become automatic (quick) in their basic skills in order to move onto more complex problem-solving skills. The program involves students being withdrawn from their regular class for three sessions per week for the entire year to work with a highly trained tutor and one other student. Students complete a combination of skills-based work and computer-aided programs.

ACE Numeracy focuses on understanding and recall of basic number facts, performance of elementary calculations, acquisition of appropriate mathematics language, and problem-solving skills.

ACE Literacy focuses on the automaticity of word recognition, fluency in reading connected texts, and development of vocabulary. The primary aim of ACE is for the students to develop automaticity. ACE lessons emphasise the development of conceptual understanding. 

The ACE program has been adapted from Quicksmart, an initiative from the University of New England.

Strive To Achieve Results – STAR Program

The aim of the Strive To Achieve Results (STAR) Program is to identify students with the potential to become our future ‘stars’. Using achievement data and teacher feedback we establish students’ individual needs and tailor either a literacy or numeracy program to develop, consolidate and nurture their skills.

Students stay in the program for the entire school year. We believe that by offering an intensive, individual program for students at the junior secondary level we offer our students the best possible opportunity for success in their later years. We know that students who experience success are far more likely to participate positively in the school community and curriculum.

Students work with one of the college’s highly trained literacy or numeracy teachers twice a week in a small group of up to five students. Students complete a combination of skills-based work, preparation and consolidation of course work. The STAR teachers regularly review and assess the work students complete in the program to ensure that it meets the need and progress of each student. All students in the program are required to complete rigorous class work and homework.


I have been overwhelmed by the commitment and calibre of students in the program. They work so incredibly hard and they are always sending me emails with questions. I am so proud of the achievements when we compare the students initial test results and the progress results.
Ms. McGrath, STAR Teacher

I have been delighted with the way my son has been coming home and getting straight into his homework. He seems to feel far more confident and he knows if he is having any issues with class work there is someone he can count on to help.
Parent of STAR student