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The Middle Sub School at North Geelong Secondary College understands the challenges of the students both academically and developmentally. With this in mind, the College takes great pride in being able to offer students a holistic and varied education. Annual Course Counselling begins in Year 8 and continues each year, enabling students to make informed choices and allowing the College to cater subjects to their desired career paths.

Along with students selecting their own electives in the middle school, in Year 9, students participate in a camp to the Melbourne City where they are involved in a series of immersion activities such as supporting homeless soup kitchens and an ‘amazing race’ around the CBD.

The Year 9 students participate in Morrisby Online Assessments and individual interviews in order to help guide their subject and career choices for the future.

The focus shifts in Year 10 to where we devote a week to careers, VCE/VCE VM preparation and programs more tailored to road safety, jobs and VET/School Based Apprenticeships. A group of Year 10 students are attend Rubicon Leadership camp at the beginning of the year.

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