The Year 7 Curriculum provides our students with a solid foundation for future learning by building sequential knowledge and skill development in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Education and Languages Other than English (German).
The College has vibrant Arts, Technology and Design programs where students enjoy a range of creative learning experiences. The Health and Physical Education program places a strong emphasis on active participation and healthy life styles.
Our iPad Program supports teaching and learning across the Junior School as each student has access to their own device in a wireless environment.

For school tours please contact
Katina Astles or Allister Hill
Transitions Leaders
130 Separation Street, North Geelong, 3215
Ph: (03) 5240 5800

The transition from primary to secondary school is seamless for our Year 7 students. Our transition program starts with North Geelong students and teachers visiting primary schools from Grade 3. In Grade 6 all students are invited to the College early in the year for a ‘taste’ of secondary school and then later in the year there is a specialised two day program that allows students to develop new friendships and familiarise themselves with their new surroundings. Students start their first secondary school year with confidence.

Year 7 students have a significant teacher who starts each day with them in horne group and is also one of their core subject teachers. This teacher plays c1 major role, supporting and dealing with pastoral care matters that may arise during the year. Students at Year 7 have the majority of their classes in a designated area to further support their transition to secondary school. Each student is provided with a locker in a separate area to the older students with in the College.

The Year 7 Camp is an integral part of our transition program. The camp experience allows students and staff to build positive relationships in a fun learning environment.

2020 Parent Information Evening
Wednesday March 20th at 6PM, 2019

SEAL Applications close
Wednesday May 1st, 2019

SEAL Entrance Exam
Saturday May 4th, 2019

Year 7, 2018 Scholarship Applications close
Friday May 3rd, 2019

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Integrated English and Humanities


Physical Education


Visual Art

Food Technology

Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL)

5 periods per week each semester 8 periods per week each semester 3 periods per week each semester 3 periods per week each semester 3 periods per week each semester 3 periods per week for one semester 3 periods per week for one semester



Performing Arts

Information Technology


2 periods per week for one semester 3 periods per week for one semester 2 periods per week for one semester



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Contact us

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North Geelong,
VIC  3215

03 5240 5800
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