The VCE will normally consist of 22 units taken over two years. Students do six subjects at year 11 and five subjects at year 12. These subjects may include approved VET units. You are required to do English each semester.

To be awarded the VCE, you must satisfactory complete at least 16 units, including

at least three units from the English group with at least one unit at Unit 3 or 4 level.
at least three level 3/4 sequences in studies other than English

* Please note that English, English Language and Literature count towards the requirement for the English group.

Satisfactory completion of each VCE unit is based on satisfactory completion of the outcomes specified in that unit in the relevant VCE study design. Satisfactory completion of each unit is determined by the study teacher in accordance with the VCAA requirements. North Geelong Secondary College requires a minimum attendance of 80% of classes each semester for students to satisfactorily complete a VCE unit.

The following variations to the above program apply:
• Students may complete their VCE over 3 years.
• Year 10 students who studied a Unit 1 & 2 subject may have access to Unit 3 & 4 in Year 11.

All subjects have 5 periods per week. Students choose 6 subjects including a compulsory English subject

Selecting a Course

Year 11 – first year of VCE
If you are entering your first year of VCE, you should plan to study:
• Level 1 and 2 units in year 11
• Level 3 and 4 units in year 12.

Unless advised to do otherwise, you should select a course at North Geelong Secondary College which includes:
• 12 level 1 and 2 units, including an English subject, for year 11
• At least 10 level 3/4 units (5 3/4 sequences), including an English subject, for year 12.
Make sure that you include level 1 and 2 units which give adequate preparation for the level 3/4 sequences you wish to study. Year 11 students may have the option of studying a selected unit 3 and 4 sequence in their first year of the

Year 12 – second year of VCE
If you have satisfactorily completed at least 10 level 1 and 2 units, you should select:
10 level 3/4 units (5 sequences), including English, for year 12. You cannot enrol in Units 3 and 4 separately they must be taken as a sequence.

Once you have read the descriptions think seriously about units that:
• interest you
• you are good at
• lead to employment you find appealing
• are pre-requisites for further training and tertiary courses you are considering.

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